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great stock to own. follow all of the progress and taking the entire cast with me to the top of africa. >> again. it is a lot safer. >> i am needing wayne's plane. >> thank you for being here. i will see you on fox business week day on week days. >> you can't make it up. this white house will say and do anything. it is amazing. >> new information surfacing on the murderous attack in libya. intelligence sources telling fox news they are investigating whether the guards charged with protecting the embassy in benghazi were in on the attack. fresh protest erupted in benghazi. you are looking in video in focts news. two people were kill several others injured in the protest. hello, i am uma live from the nation's capitol we have
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complete analysis coming up. my one on one with senator john mccain and top lawmakeros both sides of the aisles. members of the intelligence services and foreign affairs committee. america's news headquarters starts right now. >> we begin with new information on the investigation of murders of four americans in libya. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live with those details . what can you tell us? >> an f.b.i. team assign to the murder of ambassador chris stevens and three others is lookking into whether the group of 100 attackers had inside help from the private security contractors whom the state department had hire to guard inside of the benghazi conflict. susan collins asked the national counter terrorism the question in a committee hearing this week. the state department hired blue mountain group out of
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wales to vet and hire locall guards. the contract was worth half a million dollars. indications that the local guards may have been casing the consulate were posted on a gaming website who said assuming we don't die tonight. one of our police that guard the compound taking pictures. he could have been referring to the libya government police. already thousands of libyans have taken it upon themselves at one of the armed militias that were involved. tens of this happeneds of anti-islamic protestors took to the street was benghazi and stormed the compound of a group that is allied with al-qaida. they burned the office and moved on to a second target. a second armed militia that fired into the crowd and
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injuries dozens and killing 7 people. there is an increasing back lash in benghazi in the wake of the ambassador's death, uma. >> thank you for that update . one concern for the protest in the middle east is the role groups are playing. joining us is the senior fellow in the hudson institution. great to have you here today, sir. >> thank you very much. one small correction. so i can get my salary. it is the hoofer and not the hudson. >> there you go. so much at stake as the u.s. try to strike balance with count reaps that hate america. efforts of muslim that is are malign he want to heal scars from the past. despite the pr move. they are burning flags and the
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efagey and burning them and shouting listen obama we are all osam a. >> president obama believed in his own biography and his ability to heal the rift between america and islamic world border on narcism. it is not so. and the idea of going and offering apologies, it is not the point now. the point is look at the islamic world unsentimentally and places like benghazi and you have killers and poor people who went out to express gratitude to the united states. but i think this is a reckoning time for president obama. the islamic world served notice on him. >> within these countries we are learning more about extremist groups that are not limit to al-qaida. we hear about others.
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who are they and how concerned about you on the impact. >> we should be concerned. the egyptian and tun and others that are concerned. they are concerned. we started redemption in libya. people went out and attacked sharia. and people look at these and they have to wonder if they want to live under the control of the celatres. they won 25 percent of the vote in egypt and the insanity among the ranks. they want to cover the pyramidses in egypt and don't want tourism and esset ra. in tunizia and egypt they have to be disciplined by the population itself as we have seen in lib yampt we can't do it from a distance or remote control. >> celafrees is growing in that country.
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t defends on the setting. what is troubling is the growth of the jihad . that is because we didn't go to the help syrian rebellion. the ruling wants help. and in egypt muslim brotherhood. libya we see gratitude . people expressed sorrow for the murder of ambassador stevens. it is clear that we are in the midst of unchartered waters as we deal with the underlying muslim west.
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marco rubio said if you look at the islamic world. the arab free has failed. but look back on what the dictators gave us. they gave us 9/11 and jihadist that came our way. we have troubles with the arab spring and don't grow nostalgic with what the islamic world looked like before the arab spring. >> always great to see you and thank you for your insight. >> fresh threats from iran this afternoon. head of iranian guard said any attacks will trigger a massive war this as president ahmadinejad heads to new york for the upcoming united nations meeting.
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rick? >> this is a tense time in israel and possibility of an israeli military strike against iran in the weeks ahead sometime before the u.s. presidential election. both leaders are preparing to head to current. president ahmadinejad boarded a plan and has plans to hold meetings on the neighboring conflict in syria. but it was a show of force in part toward israel. iranian military showing a defense system with missiles designed to take out fighter jets and cruise missiles and drones with a 30 miles and head of iranian guard said it will be as defense from a israeli attack. he called israel a shameful
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and cancerous tumor and said the zionist regime should know if it starts something that would be the end point of their story. israel said iran needs to quit their nuclear program and prime minister netanyahu will not wait for the u.s. to act and not necessarily wait for the presidential election to strike iran and his effort to get president obama to establish red lines fail no meetings scheduled between the prime minister and the president next week in new york. >> we'll keep watching it rick. thank you very much. turning now to the presidential sweepstakes in the country paul ryan is hitting president obama hard in florida for saying can't
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change washington from the inside. his attack comes as president obama heads to ryan's home state of wisconsin. this will be mr. obama's first stop in the state since february. a once blue state that democrats admit may be purpet. here's the latest. >> they have joined in the push. but the president took the opportunity to blast congress for failing to get any work done before taking off. they skipped town and they left proposals on the table to strengthen our economy and create jobs. these ideas have been around for months and the american people want to see it passed but members of congress are more worried about their jobs and paychecks than they are about yours.
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>> president obama focusog battle ground states and virginia is one of them and where he campaigned yesterday not far out of the washington d.c.. and in wisconsin. the vice-president nominee hails from wisconsin. ryan in the meantime is campaign nothing florida which is a fierce battle ground and he blasted president obama for failing to bring about the change he promised. president admitted he can't change from the inside. why do we spend them to the whi house in the first place? we send presidents to change and fix the mess in washington . if this president admitted he can't change washington, then we need to change presidents. >> mitt romney in the meantime southern california and los angeles and san diego. but he has no public events uma. >> thank you very much.
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and new logos made by the obama campaign upset americans. those 69s on the campaign website are showing a redesigned american plagthat puts a obama logo where the stars normally go. check it out and let us know what you think. tweet your swars to us. go to hurricaneuma. and check out our shows web page fox web pages. and movie theater in colorado is set to reopen next year. owners say that the theators will be refurbished and redesigned. we learned that three shooting victims filed a lawsuit. jame they argue that at this time exit door should have had an alarm.
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some republicans are outraged over how the obama administration handled the murder of four americans. >> this president doesn't believe in american leadership. that's what it is all about. >> john mccain an outspoken critic and up next my one on one with him. >> a space marvel and approaching the milestone. we'll check in with the nasa scientist. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>> senator john mccain is stunned that the obama administration ever thought that the attack on mcconaughey in libya was spontanous. sources telling fox news that the effort was a coordinated strike orchestred by a group with ties to al-qaida in norths afri and islamic militia group. the obama administration now agrees it was a terrorist
9:18 am
attack. i sat down with senator mccain. >> you can't make it up. this white house will say and do anything. it is amazing. it was a spontanous and then a video and oh, yes, it was a terrorist attack. now they haven't said whether it was planned or not . the fact is, it has the earmarks of al-qaida and it is very clear that 9/11 and the terrorist attack and the kind of organization at it was and rocket grenade and sophisticated operation that spontanity was missings out of what this is all about uma, is that they have made the american people believe that by killing bin laden, they have taken care of al-qaida. al-qaida is alive and well in the middle east including a
9:19 am
resurgance in iraq and they are there in libya and this is a terrorist attack and they were foolish to deny it to start with. >> so how would you characterize the moment in our foreign policy? >> a moment of glaring weakness and chickens are coming home to roost. very briefly could i tell you in iraq it is unraveling. they just convicted the president to death penalty. al-qaida is resurgance. the relations between the three different enities sunni and shia and kurds is breaking down. iran is influence is increasing and iranian planes is flying over iraq to syria with arms for assad as we speak. in afghanistan we have had to adopt a policy and not training with the afghan troops, thoo moons they will not be ready to take over the
9:20 am
responsibilitis and frankly they never were and so we have to evaluate our whole situation. the attack on the base in kandahar was the most offensive. we lost 200 million worth of airplanes in the death and tragic death of two marines and in syria, the massacre goes on. and finally in iran we continue on the collision course and the administration continues to try to urge the israelis not to attack iran rather than telling iran we are with the israelis and we have drawn red lines and they can't cross them. >> you are asking that we halt the draw down of u.s. forces there? >> well, i think we have to pause and evaluate where we are and what we do.
9:21 am
it flows from the top. the president never talked about statistic in afghanistan or used the word victory. he continuously overridden the recommendation of his military advisors and reduce quickly and now announce withdrawals. he sent the message to taliban friend and enemies in the region that we are leave with draw they are making the appropriate accommodation to that reality. it was never basod success, it is all based on dates certain . believe me, that is not a way to successfully wage a conflict. >> let me ask you this. there are also reports that there are moves under way to have the blind sheik released even though there are denials from the white house. but even the fact that it is discuss egypt would like that
9:22 am
to happen. what do you comment on? >> i can't believe we would think a thing. the families of the murdered by his action and still conversations about releasing prisoners and taliban prisoners in exchange for some kind of a statement on their part. this president doesn't believe in american leadership. that's really what it is all about. >> what about the fact he may be hearing from egypt president morsi when the united nations convenes but yet to hear whether he will sit down with prime minister netanyahu. >> it establishes the administration's priorities. our closest ally in the middle east and ally of ours under the threat of extension because the iranians have publicly stated their commitment to that. and so again, the president could find his time to go to las vegas to do a fundraiser
9:23 am
and couldn't find time to see the prime minister when he was in town. and in the united states. >> senator mccain pleasure to see you. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you for having me on. >> shifting gears, this might be a little inside baseball. but got fired up and this may be one of the biggest scandal and cover ups since water gate. >> it is it a fast left-wing conspiracy against one of our great presidents. and senator mccain wants the washington national baseball team to give teddy a fair show. and we'll get to the bottom of the baseball controversy later on in our show. >> a group of 12 riders are biking across the country. >> and it benefited two groups. and it will begin later today
9:24 am
in california and hope to reach the world trade center in new york city in a week. they have raised more than 200,000 and fox news will be with the team for their entire journey . middle eastern countries like libya will get two billion in aid and congress okayed the money as part of the resolution to keep the governments from shutting down. up next, fair and balanced debate from experts on both sides of the aisle. stay with us. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
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>> welcome back everybody. it is all about the swing states on the campaign trial. president obama is heading to wisconsin and governor's running mate is rallying the vote in florida. they are standing by and with
9:29 am
the top headlines. >> hi, uma, while governor is off of the campaign trail today. congressman paul ryan is in orlando, florida. right now president obama is heading for milwaukee, wisconsin. it is his first trip to that state since february. house and senate back on recess two weeks after returning to washington despite calls for them to finish e work. it is a continuing resolution which the president is expected to design. protest in pakistan turning deadly. at least 19 people were killed as thousands rioted against an anti-muslim film. protest broke out in bang bang and nigeria. a man is hospitalized after jumping in a tiger exhibit in the bronx zoo. the man left off of a monorail and into the enclosure. the zoo staff was able to get the tiger away from him.
9:30 am
>> harris: officials say they are not blaming the tig are for . what is the tiger going to be put down? >> no, the tiger did nothing wrong in this case at all. >> those are the top stories right now. back to you. thank you for much. and yesterday afternoon when i briefed the congress i made it clear that keeping our people everywhere in the world safe is our top priority. what happened in benghazi a terrorist attack and we will not rest until we have tracked down and brought to justice the terrorist that murdered four americans. day after secretary of state clinton confirmed the assault on libya was an act of terrorism. the senate approved sending
9:31 am
fund toz egypt and lib yampt continuing resolution passed by the house will head off a government shut down for six months and now headed to the president's desk. in that resolution. billion in aid to ei didn't want and 850 million to taliban and 20 million to libya. joining us now is congressman engle. and congressman blake from the homeland security committee. and second only to israel. can why should we give american tax dollars to countries. >> it is the bulk. we are sending way too much overseas it is going to the military and they are the stabilizing force right now in egypt.
9:32 am
the money is and freedom of religion and freedom of speech. they are held in a pakistan jail right now . the senate voted on cutting aid to pakistan and until it is clear that pakistan is doing a better job of going after groups like al-qaida. we are talking about accountability. why are not more lawmakers backing this kind of move? >> i bake it. we give foreign aid not only because it is good for the countries we give it to. but good for the united states . we want to be careful. we don't want to cut off our nose to spite our face. it is infurerating our
9:33 am
ambassor and other americans were killed. but we have to review foreign aid on a case by case basis. for me it is not whether radicals are making troub. there are radical in every country. it is how the government responds to the radicals. in libya the government is responding positively . you can see the pro american demonstrations in the streets in egypt there was not a good response initially and the president was forceful and the egyptians changed their tune and condemned what happened. we have pomonitor all of these carefully and understand that foreign aid is good for us. i think each of those countries reassess. >> congressman franks is joining us. and on the armed services committee. isn't the problem with egypt
9:34 am
seeing inconsistency . this is a weakness . so the leaders are not taking the leaders seriously. >> i believe that is right. the projection of weak. making it likely and theirinar and some video on the internet was the real problem here and has now made that video sort of the exhibit a in the world. i have to say to you it is a partisan remark and disof being true. i believe if this president is reelected his vacillation of projection of weakness could help the global jiamerica better be paying attention. we have seen the patterns. >> i was going to say it is a
9:35 am
sobering thought to keep a close eye on that. congressman, many americans are disgusted that we are ready to spend billions in foreign aid to countries that sponsor anti-american violence. we could use those funds here at home. >> that is true. those arguments are compelling. at the same time foreign assistance serves our own interest. if it didn't we would do less. but it is encouraging to see the counter demstations . 10s of thousands of people taking the street to protest. protest the militias. and it is going to take time and dangerous and frustrating. and it is in our interest that libya evolves in a tolerant democracy. and egypt evolve in a tolerant democracy . not in our interest to see the
9:36 am
peace treaty with israel. clearly our relationship is going to change. egypt wants a more independent . we don't want to see egypt be able to use anti-american rallies. i hearyou and there are criticism of the white house who are angry that they spent 70,000 on air time condemning the anti-muslim team. was this really necessary and why does the u.s. need to apologize with when it had nothing to do with this. >> and it is a sign of weakness. we don't agree with the videos. we think they are deplorable and there is no excuse for violence. that is not a consistent message. i disagree.
9:37 am
we don't need to do that on a pr campaign. we need to be tight with our money in a time of economic need . you have to make sure it is targeted to countries that are working in the best interest. and right now. egypt and libya. if we pull the funding without's thorough investigation as to what will happen that will throw gasoline on the fire. we don't need to spend money on advertising. people who are here and we need a congressional relationship. and they help the united states and fight samoa and we are reluctant to take that step. egyptians changed the tune. >> the senate voted it down. >> i think that we are not
9:38 am
throwing good money after bad. the president was firm with egyptian president morsi when their response was not what we thought it should be. and i think that we are going to see more of that. it is not fair to say he apologized for the film. he said it was reprehensible but said it is no excuse for violence. it isn't. we need to continue foreign aid because it is in our best interest but not throw good money after bad. each of these countries need to be assessed. >> congressman frank. we'll ask you about this when the stakes remain high. >> i can't emphasize how dangerous it is of affirming the notion of the film is at the root of the problem. it is true.
9:39 am
there are christian writings . when jesus is the son of god that is blasphemy to jihadist. will the president pull that off of the internet? i have to say it is no snow ball i hope that the nation is paying attention. the president is taking us down a dark and dangerous road. >> it is a campaign road. and we have to end the discussion. we are oust time. >> congressman thank you, unfortunately we are out of the time and appreciate it and thank you for joining us. >> mars rover curiosity is just a few hundred feet from the major destination. we'll show you photos taken from the surface of mars, next . ♪
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welcome back everybody. mars and the newest frontier and curiosity rover worked hard since the arrival on the red plan yet the groundbreaking never before seen images and curiosity is a few feet from the destination . director of the mars program. it is great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> i know there is so much excitement about the program. certainly you are doing groundbreaking work and this is a time people can really feel that nasa is doing all it can to capture the imagination and make progress on the red planet. >> this is a groundbreaking mission. we pushed the boundaris and scientific boundaries as well . we'll find not just the great things technically but brand new things about mars.
9:45 am
we learn about it and helps us to learn more about our planet as well. it will be a exciting mission . and one of the fact that is curiosity will reach a major milestone with the destination. talk to us about that. >> that is called glen elg. we are going to drive to it and back to where we were to get to the main dest station there is three separate unit in this and we believe actually is maybe the outflow channel with a river. ancient river that was off of the crator walls . settled down there. and where they come together is our first destination. we don't understand why it is. and we found interesting things along the way.
9:46 am
look at the rocks we have here. it is broken pavement here. it is like broken pavement. can it is the type of sedimentary rock . we rook at the next image which is a close up of the foreground. all of the rocks are smooth and round and pebbles are on the grown. we are convinced it is an old river bed when you think of the mars being a wet planet. it goes back to ancient time. how ancient at the moment? >> we are talking about three and half to four billion when mars was a warm and wet planet not unlike earth and standing waters and salty marshes and
9:47 am
things like that. all of that water is underground and a lot escaped to the atmosphere and we need to understand. >> those questions remain. this is unchartered territory. what surprised you about the mission so far. >> how well it has gone and it behaved incredibly well. we tested the instrument and we drive and the drive steering went beautifully. the mission is very, very well behaved shall we say. usually they are not that smooth. >> how long can we expect curiosity to stay on mar a.>> >> we designed it for a two year mission life and we have a power source of plutonium that creates energy continuually . we have a trickle charge for the batteries and we know we have 20 or 25 years worth of power awful.
9:48 am
- available. >> can you imagine what you might see out there. >> i hope to get to the top of mount to sharp. >> you have one of the best jobs and all of the best to you. we'll keep track of the progress. >> fantast and i can we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and a recent surge in violence has students pushing for the right to conceal gunos campus . we'll look on the other side of the break. don't go away. [ male announcer ] this is rudy.
9:49 am
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>> welcome back. bad weather could make it difficult for firefighters. those two fires have already burned 143 square miles of forest. there is a storm that will not bring much rain. there is a new push to grant campus right to carry conseep saled weapons. they are joining us with details from atlanta. >> hi, uma. states debate the issue of whether or not to carry concealed weapons on campus. and it is georgia tech.
9:53 am
students for conceal would carry advocate to carry concealed weapons because they feel unsafe on clodge campus. one student woke up to a gun poigned at his head. he was rob left unharmed. student for conceal would carry and it was organized the day after the virginia tech shooting back in 2007. the group has 40,000 student members and active on more than 130 college campus. they are pushing for law-abiding citizens and students and faculty to carry guns legally. listen. >> conceal would weapons soldier are less likely to be convicted of crimes. and the second they step on to the campus argument is that they are irresponsible and no longer carry safely?
9:54 am
>> we are seeing this debate. months ago colorado supreme court ruled in favor of the movement and allowing student to carry weaponos campus. but there is a large group of students feel more gun control is necessary. we heard from georgia tech officials who will abide by the state university and laws and campus police will remain vigilant. uma. >> thank you very much. >> he's one of our most beloved presidents but the worst record in baseball. if you think washington lawmakers can't agree on anything. why teddy's losing streak and a moment of bipartis onship. trash talking after he wins .
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
♪ ♪ put me in coach >> they have the best record in baseball, but that's not all the fans of the washington nationals are fired up. and goshing washington, abe lincoln, teddy roosevelt. and no matter how many times they've run, teddy never won. and senator john mccain has been outspoken so i asked him
9:59 am
to weigh in. >> anti-teddy, anti-bull moose. anti-great white fleet. everything the man in the arena is clearly a discrimry action no place today. >> and jay carney calls it's an outrage and that the president agrees with senator mccain. and some from the obama campaign has caused a stir on social media. the design featured a logo where the stars normally go and painted stripes. and we have asked your thoughts about this and we have received a lot of comments, arrogant and dylan, says how is it insulting. if it was way more accurate i'd be insulted, but what campaigns don't take stylistic cues from our flag and michael saying

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